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      Repairing the damage done by animals and restoring your home to it's original condition is highly specialized work - work that must be done by experts in this field. Only experts know how to deal with the microscopic parasites left behind by many animals - parasites that can endanger your family! Read how we can help you...
    • animal damage restoration

      Animal Damage Restoration

    More Than Just A Nuisance

    You may not be aware of just how dangerous it is to have animals such as raccoons, opossums and bats in your house. Not only do they make an unsightly mess, but they may also leave behind dangerous parasites. Information on the risks associated with raccoons are explained here by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); more information on bats can be found here from the CDC.  When animals have invaded your home, you want to repair the damage quickly and thoroughly, removing any threats to your family. You also want to make sure they won’t come back again, and you don’t want to have endless conversations with your insurance company. All of this requires a company that deals specifically with this kind of situation, as well as being experienced in working with insurance companies.

    At Newnam Restoration Services, we are experts in animal removal and repair. Read about our patented 5 Step Process, and how we can restore your home and protect your family!



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