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      Repairing the damage done by animals and restoring your home to it's original condition is highly specialized work - work that must be done by experts in this field. Only experts know how to deal with the microscopic parasites left behind by many animals - parasites that can endanger your family! Read how we can help you...
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      Animal Damage Restoration


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    The experience I had was wonderful. Mike and Dillon did all of the work with my insurance company and got them to cover the entire thing! The guys they sent to do the work were quick, clean and professional. Overall great interactions with everyone from the company.

    Rachel P – Rockton, IL


    We contacted Newnam Restoration Services because a raccoon had torn the roof apart to get into the attic. The raccoon was long gone but it had left behind lots of damage. Dillon came out and inspected right away, he was professional and was able to work out a decent price with us. We are very happy with the insulation work that was done in our attic, not only because the risk of disease from the raccoon was cleaned up, but also we are now saving on our heating bill. Last winter we had to turn the heat up to 75 degrees some nights to stay warm, this winter we have not gone past 67 degrees and it feels nice and warm in our home.

    Johnny R – Park Forest, IL


    We had raccoons and they did a lot of damage.  We do not have a attic so they were in the ceiling.  The raccoons pulled off the soffit and entered the house.  We hired a trapper and he caught 5 raccoons.  At that time he told us how toxic the animals feces was and recommened Newnam Restoration.  I contacted them and Mike came out within a couple days.  He was so knowledgeable about all the damage.  He explained how dangerous and toxic raccoon feces is and if we don’t remove it they will come back. He explained everything that had to be done and the time frame that it would be completed in.  
    Mike gave me a rough estimate of the cost and I decided to file a claim with my insurance. The adjuster came out and brought with him a man with a cleaning company.  The adjuster and other man had never dealt with raccoon damage and had no idea about any of it.  I was able to tell them how toxic it was because of how well Mike had explained everything.  At first my claim was denied then Mike called the adjuster and talked to him and they agreed to pay for the damage.  Mike was so easy to deal with he was always willing to answer any questions I had.  He was always very professional.  
    The work has been completed and I am very happy with the results.  I would recommend Newnam Restoration to anyone needing any type of animal damage repair.

    Marie S – Tinley Park

    Jeff’s company, Newnam Restoration, completely cleaned, decontaminated and re-insulated my entire attic after a previous company did a horrible job of mitigating a raccoon situation….leading to an actual worsening of the situation…and ultimately 5 live raccoons and 1 dead were found living and wreaking havoc in my attic. It was so upsetting and absolutely disgusting, and Jeff made the space look like new again and protected against reentry.

     MOST SIGNIFICANTLY, Jeff represented my situation/case to my insurance company and we were able to effectively change the definition of “contaminants” in Indiana, to include raccoon feces and urination …leading to a much broader coverage allowance…and, not to mention, a fairer policy precedent for other similarly situated Safeco policyholders in the state. As an attorney, I’m used to representing others…but in this regard, Jeff 100% took the lead and responsibility in dealing with a stubborn and logistically-burdened insurance company and he did an absolutely superb job representing me and thereby “won” our case. :)

    Thus, instead of the completely inadequate couple thousand dollars I was found initially to only be “covered” for….Jeff’s smart work led to a change recognized finally by the insurance co’s highest level legal department. I was then given over $10,000 to get my attic properly fixed.

     The actual attic cleaning work that then followed, done by Jeff’s company, was equally as impressive. On time, responsible, kind, courteous, principled and knowing with high standards and ethics…I just can’t say enough.

     AND ADDITIONALLY, last but not least, Jeff and his workers were also so responsible, concerned and kind towards our little kitty, Sophie…Jeff even brought her yummy treats. :) So, thank you again to Jeff…it was a pleasure to meet you and work with you. And also my thanks and utmost appreciation to the entire Newnam Restoration team on an especially great job well done! Unquestionably recommended!

    Meagan M – Indianapolis, IN


    Thank you for your great service and even greater compassion!

    Tony M – Bellwood, IL


    Jeff was very professional. He went up into the attic and looked at the damage first. He examined the entry point where the raccoon got in (gutter and soffit pulled away due to cold weather weight) and made sure it was securely put back together. He then followed up with his estimate. After I approved his estimate and told him to go ahead with the work, he worked with my insurance company and tenant without issues. The insulation and debris that were damaged by the raccoons were removed (yes a mama raccoon and 4 baby raccoons! Apparently they were up there for a while).  Then the attic was disinfected with an anti-microbial, anti-fungal disinfectant/sanitizer spray. The entire attic including the area above the garage was primed to seal in any remaining bacteria and odor. Finally, they put insulation back in the attic. He also went around the house afterwards and made sure all my gutters were securely attached so we would not have this issue in the future. We’re happy with the work and hope to never have this happen again. If it does though, I will be calling them back.

    B. Tully – Fishers, IN


    A larger than average raccoon tore a hole in our roof and was living in our attic, along with her 5 babies.  I had never placed an insurance claim before, in over 20 years of homeownership, and the trapper recommended contacting Newnam Restoration Services.  Because of their expertise, Newnam Restoration Services negotiated a full repair, including cleaning and sanitizing, along with new insulation and roof repair.  The workers were courteous and conscientious, and the whole experience went from “What are we going to do?” to complete satisfaction.  I would highly recommend Newnam Restoration Services!

    Rick P – Wheaton, IL


    Newnam Restoration Services did a fine job with a project to seal the area beneath the exterior trim of my house.  The estimate was provided in a timely matter and the price was reasonable.  The workman who completed the project was prompt, professional and completed the job to the specifications discussed.

    Jim C- Elmhurst, IL


    I had bats, 2 huge bird nest (one was 3 ft x 7 ft) and squirrels in my attic and was at a loss as how to handle the situation.  I had made many phone calls and done a lot of research.  Finally I had to make a choice.  This was a very stressful time for me, and I am pretty anal, which is why this was a very hard decision to make. As it is, this was a very costly procedure, and I did not want to be taken advantage of.  A lot of companies wanted to charge for an estimate, Newnan Restoration Services did not.  Not only that but he beat his competitors prices.  At the end of the job there was not any unexpected cost, after my insurance paid their portion, all I had was my deductable.  All I had to do was call my insurance, and Mike did the rest.

    I never met a contractor and crew that put me at ease as much as Mike and his men.  Mike stayed in constant contact with his crew, every day after the crew left, he contacted to me to see if I had any concerns.  Every step of this filthy and disgusting process was explained to me as they went along.  His crew was very professional, polite, clean, and worked together very well.  If I found the smallest thing wrong (as I said, I am pretty anal) it was handled quickly and professionally.  I even asked them to do small things that they were not contracted to do, and without any hesitation it was done.

    If I had to make one complaint, it would be that the work took longer than expected, but after seeing what I was facing in my attic and I can understand the extra time. I usually do not write these reviews but I was so pleased with Mike and his crew I felt if anybody else is facing this problem and don’t know where to go, Newnam Restoration Services is highly recommend. They went above and beyond to exceed my expectations, and I don’t know how to truly express how PLEASED and THANKFUL I am. They made a stressful situation seem not so stressful. If I need any more home repairs, I now know a company and crew I can trust.

    Florence P - Crystal Lake, IL


    Simply put – good, clean, fast service!

    Ed P – Hanover Park, IL


    Thank you for your services. You were pleasant talking to me on the phone and very understanding.

    PS Your guys were absolutely awesome !

    Joanne M – Westmont, IL