• Animal Removal & Damage Repair Experts

    • Newnam Restoration Services – serving Northern Ilinois, Southern Wisconsin, Central Indiana and Georgia.

      Repairing the damage done by animals and restoring your home to it's original condition is highly specialized work - work that must be done by experts in this field. Only experts know how to deal with the microscopic parasites left behind by many animals - parasites that can endanger your family! Read how we can help you...
    • animal damage restoration

      Animal Damage Restoration


    • Offices in Chicago and Indianapolis


    • Animal Damage Restoration using proprietary 5 Step Process
      • Remove all existing affected insulation
      • Disinfect entire area using specially designed anti-microbial, anti-fungus disinfectant/sanitizer
      • Seal area
      • Install new L77 Owens Corning loose fill blown in formaldehyde free insulation to meet current state or local building code, which ever is higher
      • Repair & secure all animal entry and exit points to minimize threat of new animal intrusion
    • Insurance Coordination and Communication Experts
      • 20+ years of insurance damage negotiations
      • We take care of any insurance hassles while representing YOU
      • Because of our experience, we have personal relationships with most area insurance adjusters. Therefore, we don’t argue with them; we work with them!
    • Owens-Corning Authorized Installer
      • Using all formaldehyde free insulation
    • Animal Damage Prevention (ADP) using proprietary process to ensure animal exclusion. This process includes:
      • Comprehensive screening and physical barriers
      • Training of customers
      • Maintenance program – we come back and check on ADP 1 year later
    • Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss details!


    Newnam Restoration Services stands behind all of the work we do. Because of that, we offer a limited lifetime warranty and a two year animal re-entry warranty on our work. The limited lifetime warranty covers any kind of workmanship issue. The only thing not covered is normal wear and tear – for example, as a building ages and shifts, cracks may develop in the dry wall we repaired. This is beyond our control, and understandably would not be covered under our warranty. The two year animal re-entry warranty covers animals re-entering the same spot the entered originally. This warranty covers all Newnam Restoration Services labor and materials.

    In addition to the Newnam Restoration Services warranties, much of the work we do may be covered by a manufacturers warranty. For example, Owens-Corning offers a warranty on the insulation we install.

    Bottom line – if you have any questions, contact us. We will do everything possible to take care of you!