Preventing Animals From Entering Your Attic

Published July 26, 2017

We are asked all the time – “how do I keep animals from entering my attic?” More than anything else, if raccoons or bats have been in your attic before, make sure that this is taken care of correctly. Especially in the case of raccoons, if the smell is not dealt with by professionals, there’s a bull’s-eye on your house and raccoons will do everything they can to break in again.

But let’s assume you have no history of animals being in your¬†attic. What can you do to keep this from happening? Our best advice-be aware of the condition of your home, especially the soffit and fascia areas on your roof. Look for small openings-even golf ball size. Birds may be going in and out of these openings. This indicates soft wood, many times due to water backing up in clogged gutters. Raccoons see this, and tear that small opening into one large enough to break in to. If you catch this issue early enough and deal with it, you will be heading off a major headache!

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