Restoration Services

This is what we do. This is all that we do. We don’t deal with insects. We don’t do general construction or remodeling. We make homes safe after wild animals have invaded them. And that’s what you want – someone who is an EXPERT in doing that.

Damage Restoration

Once the animal is trapped and removed, that is when our main work starts. We begin with replacing the temporary barriers put in by the animal control specialists with permanent fixes to prevent future entry. We then remove affected insulation, sanitize the area, remove lingering raccoon odors (read why this is important), and install new top-grade insulation to current and local building code.

Insurance Damage Negotiation

Working with insurance companies is not something most people would put on their “fun” list. With Newnam Restoration Services, you won’t have to worry about that. We work with your home insurance company to make sure everything is covered that needs to be covered. Our company has over 20 years of insurance damage negotiation experience and are so used to working with insurance companies on your behalf that we personally know most of them. We will work as your advocate while keeping you copied on everything so that you are not in the dark.

Animal Damage Prevention (ADP)

We do more that just fixing the immediate situation. Our work also involves a comprehensive screening of your home for vulnerabilities and assessing the physical barriers that are set up to prevent animal entry. We’ll also train you on what you can do to prevent future invasions. After it’s all said and done, we even come back and check on our work a year later to ensure lasting quality.

Animal Removal Coordination

Although Restoration is our main focus, we’ll help you find a good animal control specialist in your area. We will then coordinate with the specialist to make sure the transition between removing the animal and repairing the damage is a smooth one.