Restoration Process

Here is our 5 Step Process for restoring your home after an animal invasion.

1) Permanent repair of the entry point.

First thing we do is to make sure that more animals are not able to get into your home. If it has happened once it most certainly will happen again. When an Animal Control Specialist goes on site, he/she make sure there is no raccoon in the attic by either capturing it or isolating the attic. The specialist will then install a temporary repair to prevent further invasion in the short run - usual chicken wire, plywood or something similar. So our first objective is to replace this with a permanent solution that looks great. If the problem is bats, all the possible entry points will be closed off except one (everything 1/2" or larger) and an excluder (a one way valve) will be put on the remaining opening. The bats can fly out, but not back in. After some time, we know the bats are all gone and this last opening is closed off also.

2) Removal of all affected insulation.

When the animals are gone, we can get to work on the attic itself. We know the integrity of the insulation is compromised - even if the insulation was not particularly damaged by the animal, bats fly over the entire attic (defecating as they fly), and raccoons will immediately walk throughout the entire attic looking for predators, urinating and defecating as they go. So - the insulation has to be removed to get rid of any potential parasites or toxins that may have found its way into it. But don’t worry, we’ll replace it all.

3) Antimicrobial Spray is put down.

It’s time to kill all those parasites, germs, and toxins that the critters left behind. Just read the section “Why Restoration is Needed” to find out why these things are not something you want lingering in your home. This isn’t something you are going to just find at your local hardware store. This is professional grade spray.

4) Primer is put down.

Raccoons can leave behind a particular scent that will attract other raccoons to your home, tagging it as a proven raccoon hotel to any nearby raccoon that is tired of sleeping outside. Laying down this primer will take your home off of the “Raccoon Sanctuary” listing.

5) Insulation is re-installed.

Lucky you, you get your old insulation replaced with top-of-the-line Owens Corning L77 grade insulation, formaldehyde free. We’ll replace the previously removed insulation and reinstall to CURRENT code, and it’s under warranty to boot!