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What About The Stuff In My Attic?

Lots of people use their attic for storage. When bats or raccoons invade that attic, they wonder what they should do with these items. After all, the raccoon feces and bat guano is toxic, and these stored items have been sitting in that environment. Here are our thoughts on that. Stored items usually fall into […]

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Is This Animal Coming Into My Kitchen/Living Room/Bedroom???

A common fear that people have is whether the raccoon that is just feet above them will break through that 1/2 inch layer of drywall and come into their living room, kitchen, or bedroom. This is an understandable fear-after all, you can hear them scratching, clawing, and making all sorts of noises right above you! […]

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Preventing Animals From Entering Your Attic

We are asked all the time – “how do I keep animals from entering my attic?” More than anything else, if raccoons or bats have been in your attic before, make sure that this is taken care of correctly. Especially in the case of raccoons, if the smell is not dealt with by professionals, there’s […]

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