What About The Stuff In My Attic?

Published July 27, 2017

Lots of people use their attic for storage. When bats or raccoons invade that attic, they wonder what they should do with these items. After all, the raccoon feces and bat guano is toxic, and these stored items have been sitting in that environment.

Here are our thoughts on that. Stored items usually fall into 2 categories – closed cell and open cell. By closed cell, we mean things like plastic storage tubs. These can be cleaned, and insurance usually covers the cost of cleaning them. If the cover is secure, the items in these containers are safe.

By open cell, we mean things like luggage, papers, etc. These cannot be securely cleaned. We usually suggest that these items get thrown out. The only exception is if the item is a precious family heirloom. In that case, we can fog the item using our antimicrobial fogger, but there is not guarantee that we kill 100% of the toxins.

Bottom line – try to store your attic items in plastic tubs!

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