Sure, we can tell you all about how great we are, and how we help families just like yours in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and New Jersey. But we would rather have them tell you.

The experience I had was wonderful. Mike and Dillon did all of the work with my insurance company and got them to cover the entire thing! The guys they sent to do the work were quick, clean and professional. Overall great interactions with everyone from the company.

Rachel P – Rockton, IL

Jeff’s company, Newnam Restoration, completely cleaned, decontaminated and re-insulated my entire attic after a previous company did a horrible job of mitigating a raccoon situation….leading to an actual worsening of the situation…and ultimately 5 live raccoons and 1 dead were found living and wreaking havoc in my attic. It was so upsetting and absolutely disgusting, and Jeff made the space look like new again and protected against reentry.

MOST SIGNIFICANTLY, Jeff represented my situation/case to my insurance company and we were able to effectively change the definition of “contaminants” in Indiana, to include raccoon feces and urination …leading to a much broader coverage allowance…and, not to mention, a fairer policy precedent for other similarly situated Safeco policyholders in the state. As an attorney, I’m used to representing others…but in this regard, Jeff 100% took the lead and responsibility in dealing with a stubborn and logistically-burdened insurance company and he did an absolutely superb job representing me and thereby “won” our case. :)

Thus, instead of the completely inadequate couple thousand dollars I was found initially to only be “covered” for….Jeff’s smart work led to a change recognized finally by the insurance co’s highest level legal department. I was then given over $10,000 to get my attic properly fixed.

The actual attic cleaning work that then followed, done by Jeff’s company, was equally as impressive. On time, responsible, kind, courteous, principled and knowing with high standards and ethics…I just can’t say enough.

AND ADDITIONALLY, last but not least, Jeff and his workers were also so responsible, concerned and kind towards our little kitty, Sophie…Jeff even brought her yummy treats. :) So, thank you again to Jeff…it was a pleasure to meet you and work with you. And also my thanks and utmost appreciation to the entire Newnam Restoration team on an especially great job well done! Unquestionably recommended!

Meagan M – Indianapolis, IN
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We contacted Newnam Restoration Services because a raccoon had torn the roof apart to get into the attic. The raccoon was long gone but it had left behind lots of damage. Dillon came out and inspected right away, he was professional and was able to work out a decent price with us. We are very happy with the insulation work that was done in our attic, not only because the risk of disease from the raccoon was cleaned up, but also we are now saving on our heating bill.

Last winter we had to turn the heat up to 75 degrees some nights to stay warm, this winter we have not gone past 67 degrees and it feels nice and warm in our home.

Johnny R – Park Forest, IL
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I initially hired a different company to come out & clean my attic but ended up having to have Newnam come in right in the middle and take over for the work the other company was unable to complete. I was afraid this could possibly cause even more headaches, but that wasn't the case at all! Talk about a terrific experience!!! I contacted Newnam's and they hit the ground running from day 1! It was very easy to get an appointment with them, and my appointment was scheduled for just a couple of days later!

I was on such a tight schedule as a 3rd company was waiting for this part to get done so they could come in, and Newnam's made everything alright again by getting me right back on schedule so there were no more delays! I had just bought a new home, and the attic had been infested with bats & mice. The 1st company had removed the old insulation but were trying to use inadequate cleaning materials for the sanitization/deodorization. After going around in a circle with them for a few weeks, I finally said no more & contacted Newnam's. Not only did they have what I needed, they had the professionalism and promptness too! I explained my situation to Jeff, & about the 3rd company coming out on Monday and needing to get this part done on time. Jeff took it upon himself to come out and take care of things right away so that I could remain on schedule with the following contractors. He worked late on a Friday evening just to make sure that everything would be perfect come Monday morning, and I just can't say "Thank you!" enough!! Save your time & money folks & learn from my experience. Don't bother calling other companies if you need this type of work done. Newnam's not only had all the right tools, they'll also give you that good, old-fashioned, personalized customer service ~ and that's something you just can't beat.

Annette L - New Castle, IN
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Newnam Restoration did an excellent job of removing everything from the attic and cleaning up. Guys did an awesome job in all this heat attic had to be way over 100 degrees. Thank you Newnam Restoration I will call if I need anything like this again.

Janice B - Summit, IL

I can't say enough about how happy we were with the whole process. From the beginning til the renovation was finished - our experience was great. Everyone was professional and proud of their work...and so were we.

Dianne W - Knightstown, IN

Excellent! From the initial inspection to the completion of the process Newman Restoration was very professional, prompt, considerate and always available to answer questions. The raccoon had entered our attic by pulling down a section of soffit in the front of our house. Additionally, the raccoon had damage the soffit at the rear of the house so we had two soffit areas that needed repair. All of the insulation in the attic had to be removed and replaced along with cleaning and sanitizing the attic. The whole process went without a hitch and was completed in a timely manner.

Bill W - Chicago

It was great! They took care of everything in a timely manner and working around my schedule. My insurance company said the quote was one of the easiest and most complete quotes they have ever been sent and because of this they approved the entire job without any issues or delays for additional information. The workers were on time, professional, and did a great complete job. I will be recommending this company to my own family and friends.

Hillery S - Indianapolis

Choosing Newnam is the best choice I made last 6 months. I could not understand why the **** returned while the soffit was sealed, no other entrance was detected on the roof. Newnam fully understands my desire to have a ****-free attic. They hired Katie’s Wildlife Control located the ventilation and set up trap. Later, workers of Newnam even installed a roof mount animal guard over the vent. Mike and his workers are very helpful and the work on the attic restoration is satisfactory. They deserved A++. Finally, I can have a peaceful mind & sleep.

Pam C - Elk Grove Village

Jeff and his team were very professional from beginning to end. He initially came out and did an inspection and I felt very comfortable with his findings. The workers were courteous, professional and clean. At the end of the project they reviewed all of the work before accepting payment. A very trustworthy company and I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

Brenda B - Indianapolis, IN

We used Newnam Restoration Services upon a recommendation to repair the damage left by bats in our attic. Newnam is the guy to call if you have had bats in your attic! He completely cleaned out 2 of our attics and replaced the insulation. He encountered a mold issue as well which he resolved at no extra hassle for us!

Mike, the owner, personally come out to our home and inspected that damage, drafted our quote, and even coordinated with our insurance company. He made this experience painless!
Better yet, he completed the repair work over the course of a week that we were on vacation. This limited the headache of being in the home while major work was being done and having to live among the project mess. When we returned home, there was no evidence that anyone had even been in our home at all. His crew was professional, clean and respectful of our home especially since a majority of the work was being done above our son's nursery.
I am very pleased with the work Newman Restoration Services completed and will be calling them again if needed!

Amanda S - McHenry, IL
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