Time To Deal With Those Varmints!

You’ve had enough sleepless nights – it’s time to take care of the damage left by those nasty critters!

What do we need?

  • Access to the attic entrance
    • If the attic entrance is in a closet – clear out the closet or, if you prefer, we can put tarps over any clothes in the closet. Invariably, some small pieces of insulation will fall; we will clean up after ourselves, but we cannot be responsible for insulation falling into clothes in a way we cannot clean off.
    • If the attic entrance is via a pulldown ladder – we need a 3-4′ wide path to that pull down ladder.
    • Note – if you would like us to move things out of the way in the closet or garage, we will do our best but cannot be responsible for damaging any personal belongings – we are professional animal waste removers, not movers 🙂
  • Electrical service – we need just one outlet for our lights and air scrubber.
  • Space in the driveway – just a car width space in the driveway please! That’s where our trailer and industrial vacuum will be placed.
  • If there are personal items in the attic:
    • We will bring them down from the attic
    • We need you decide within the first few hours of Day One whether you want to keep these items or have us take them to be disposed. Remember these have been in a contaminated area. We suggest throwing everything away.

What will we do? *

Day One

  • Remove all old insulation (which includes the nasty feces and urine!)
  • Apply antimicrobial fog to kill the parasites using an electrostatic device applying vital oxide
  • Spray SaniCloud(TM) primer to remove any of the smell that would continue to attract raccoons/bats

Day Two

Throughout our work

  • We will be walking in and out of the house. The crew rotates regularly because it is hot, cramped work
  • We will put down tarps or other carpet protection
  • A window or door will be left partially open so that our hose can reach the attic
  • Please – we need pets secured so they don’t wander outside

*on typical jobs; your job may vary somewhat

Is it safe to be in the home?

Yep! It’s perfectly safe to be in the home!!

  • An air scrubber will be filtering the air the entire time we are working so that nasty raccoon germs and irritating insulation does not reach you.
  • The anti microbial fog and special primer we use are both non toxic.
  • However – there could be a smell of paint.


  • We bring extra insulation – please don’t be surprised if we don’t use all that we bring.
  • Primer (or “joist sealing”) is a cloud spray – on a black surface, it would appear grey. It is not the same as if you were priming a wall, so don’t be concerned if it looks like a dusting – that’s the way it’s supposed to be.
  • After Day One, all the insulation has been removed from your attic. Because of that, your home may be hot/cold depending on the season. But after Day Two, you will have lots of insulation to keep you cool/warm!