Vital Oxide

Sometimes, it’s what you can’t see.

The critters that invaded your home carry diseases. We’ll take care of them using the best products available.
You want your home to be safe for you and your family. The critters that invaded carry diseases — histoplasmosis and baylisascaris — and you don’t want to mess around with them. Newnam Restoration Services only uses Vital Oxide to kill these diseases, because it’s the best commercial grade disinfectant on the market. Vital Oxide — applied with our electrostatic sprayer by trained professionals — will eliminate these issues and make your home safe again.

EPA Registered Hospital Disinfectant

Vital Oxide kills 99.999% of bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella and listeria in less than 60 seconds and is an NSF registered (D2) sanitizer. Vital Oxide won’t contribute to the formation of mutating “super bugs” and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Molds & Mildew Killer

Vital Oxide kills and prevents spores with up to 7 months residual effects and is safe to be applied on all surfaces.

Odor Eliminator

Vital Oxide contains no masking agents or fragrances and is highly effective at neutralizing all odors, including urine and fecal odors. End malodors caused by smoke, trash, septic systems, stale cooking and more.

Food Contact Sanitizer

Vital Oxide is safe to use on food contact surfaces, and no rinse is required. Vital Oxide is odorless and won’t alter the taste of food on sanitized surfaces.

HVAC and Air Ducts

Vital Oxide is used in HVAC and air ducts for antimicrobial control, including bacteria, mold, mildew and other fungi, leaving the HVAC systems and air ducts free of microbial contamination and ensuring air quality.

Soft Surface Sanitizer

Vital Oxide can be used as a sanitizer on a wide range of soft surfaces, killing odors and odor-causing bacteria by eliminating the source. Great for upholstery, curtains and auto interiors.

Allergen Eliminator

Vital Oxide is proven effective on pet dander as well as dust mite and cockroach allergens. It can be used directly on pet bedding and sleeping areas.